My Story

Like most mother's out there... my child is my entire world.  He is the reason for my very existence; I was created to be his mother.  And he is the reason I joined Scentsy.  My husband and I knew having a baby would be expensive but we weren't prepared for a baby that needed to go to the hospital every other day or have such severe allergy attacks when he was just a couple months old.  I joined Scentsy to supplement income.  I did it simply because we needed the extra money and I didn't want to get a 2nd job that would keep me away from my child.  I didn't expect to fall so in love with these products or this company!  I started using Scentsy everywhere.  I used it in our laundry, our cars, my office at work, and I was thrilled when they finally came out with diffusers!  After 5 months of being a Scentsy consultant, I noticed that my son (my inspiration) wasn't having allergy attacks anymore.  He was so much healthier!  I had no idea why, until we took him to a family members house for Christmas and he had such a severe attack that he had to go to the ER.  As it turns out, my son is allergic to smoke.  SMOKE!  The house we were visiting that day, was lived in by smokers, who smoked inside.  They had lit candles all around the house to drown out the cigarette smell and my son had reacted to the candles, the very same product that I had used constantly in my own home before I joined Scentsy.  I had had candles in every room in the house and kept them burning all the time.  I had been making my own child sick.  But when I joined Scentsy, I replaced my candles with warmers.  There was no more smoke in my house and so my son got better.  Scentsy literally improved my son's health!  I will always love this company for that. 


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